Privacy Statement

Valley FM values your privacy.

Any data or metadata ( hereinafter referred to as 'data' ) collected is not sold or passed on to anyone and is kept only for security issues and access may only be with a warrant as required by Law. Data is collected in two forms:

  • Aggregate Data are recorded as Generic Totals of the website traffic and do not identify any single visitor.
  • IP address data recorded at the 'Request A Song' feature records are for security reasons and limited to IP address, Date and Time, and as such does not readily identify any person.
  • If a security issue so develops, the data will be handed to the relevant authorities for tracing further if they so deem necessary.

    Valley FM will not have access to the information data generated from this final stage.

    Cookies are not used on the public areas of the website.
    Visitors should be aware that any web links are managed by their respective entities beyond our control or influence and they may gain data from your use of their link, and that visitors should check with those websites owners about their privacy policy.

    Valley FM does not buy or acquire any of this data in any way.
    We strongly advise you to become educated about the data trail you leave with every mouse click and how this may lead to false inferences being made about you. ValleyFM do not condone, support or enjoin in this behaviour.

    If you have any further enquiry on privacy, you may contact the Privacy Officer at 5423 1959.

    This statement is subject to review and amendment at any time.

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